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    This processional from Act III of Wagner's Lohengrin became a popular fixture at wedding ceremonies after Queen Victoria had it played along with Mendelssohn's Wedding March at her daughter's wedding in Listen here:. In its heyday from to , the syncopated rhythms and sophisticated melodies of ragtime music conquered the world and influenced many "serious" composers, including Erik Satie, Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky, Here's an example of ragtime's unique ability to combine toe-tapping rhythms with elegant harmonies.

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    6. Most hymnals describe this beautiful tune with words by John Newton as early American folk melody, but there is speculation that it may have come from a song sung by the slaves who were the unhappy cargo of its author's ships. A striking and joyous string quartet arrangement of Respighi's Ancient One of Granados' most darkly haunting melodies, "Andaluza," No. After his death a German publisher gave it the title Asturias and added the subtitle Leyenda "legend" thinking this would add some exotic flavor to to piece, but the music itself has nothing to Sheet music:'Way Back Home Created around the same time.

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