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  4. Cold Kiss (Cold Kiss, #1) by Amy Garvey

So too may the letters Laura wrote to him from St Quentin, describing her life there.

But does Cambrouze see Robert as a colleague - or as his prime suspect? One Last Cold Kiss is a psychological thriller with echoes of Minette Walters and Georges Simenon - but with its own unique twist on love, suspicion and betrayal. Praise for James Humphreys: 'An accomplished, intriguing story' - Observer 'Surprising, disturbing and exciting' - Scotsman If it's true you should write about what you know, James Humphreys has the ideal career.

It's taken him from HMP Holloway to the Cabinet Room in No 10, taking in courts, forensic science laboratories and police headquarters along the way.

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It gives his psychological thrillers an extra authenticity, and as a leading researcher in behavioural studies, he also knows what makes people tick - even murderers. When not advising governments on the design of public services, he is an active conservationist, working for the Woodland Trust and Green MP Caroline Lucas. And that is pretty damn cool, folks. Ana: Cold Kiss is the very best kind of a zombie novel i.

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It is a very emotional, character-driven novel exploring grief after the death of a beloved one and all that relates to it. I also loved the other relationships in the book and how realistically normal they felt. Above all, I loved that this story read to me, more like a non-preachy cautionary tale about obsessive love and about power and its consequences.

The former fits beautifully — yet apart and above — the Paranormal Romance subgenre of YA novels and its recent slay of obsessive love portrayed as a good thing.

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The later, regarding power and consequences was incredibly well done as well, with Wren understanding the scope of what she has done and having to own up to it and fix it. Thea: Just as with the overall, heartwrenching story, I also felt that the characters — particularly Wren — are beautifully written. Wren is the heroine of the piece, and while she can be frustrating in her determination to put off the inevitable and to push off what she knows needs to be done, it makes her a more real, genuine character.

When Gabe arrives, yes, she feels attraction again, but more importantly, she also begins to engage with her friends, her sister, and her mother. Ana: I completely agree with Thea that Wren reads as a completely genuine character, fully realised in her complexity. Frustratingly stubborn, very loyal to her friends and family even when she keeps her distance from them — I loved that she had a whole range of relationships with her girl friends and even with boy friends who are not boyfriends at all.

Praise for James Humphreys:

Heart-wrenching is the perfect word for this. Unlike Thea though I do think there is an element of insta-love when it comes to the budding relationship between Wren and Gabriel especially on his part. He is inexplicably attracted to her at first glance and becomes completely dedicated to her too easily, too soon.

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Thea: I loved this book, with all its emotional highs and lows, it supernatural slant, and its quiet introspection. I will certainly be back for more from Amy Garvey in the future.

Ana: Despite my minor criticisms, I too, loved Cold Kiss. It is quite possibly, one of the most surprising books I read this year.

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We specialize in speculative fiction and popgeekery for all ages since , and have been publishing speculative fiction and nonfiction since Wow, I totally agreed with Thea on this one. Yet when I picked it up I was so impressed by the writing — it really is beautiful in how it handles things — and by just how NOT ordinary of a paranormal read it is. Very very little plot, but was really very deep and moving with its characters. So glad you both enjoyed this one. I did think Gabriel was just a tiny bit instalove. BUT I loved how well the grief was illustrated.

I loved how much Cold Kiss surprised me.

Cold Kiss (Cold Kiss, #1) by Amy Garvey

No obstante lo anterior, si alguien […]. I read this book after seeing Glass Heart on your radar and you mention how much you loved Cold Kiss. I was not disappointed, it was so so so good! Grief, love, power, consequences all woven together beautifully. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.