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Nothing against the religious portions as it's always a good debate but it felt forced. Other than that I enjoyed it quite a bit. Also a good twist ending that I never would have guessed. Loved all the characters. Wonderful story if you don't get bogged down with the scientific details I loved this story and read it after my husband recommended it. It's one of his favorite books. When I would start to get bogged down in the scientific details he encouraged me to keep going, and I am encouraging you to do the same.

It's worth it!

Get e-book Double Vision: A Quantum Suspense Novel

Had me guessing till the end The story had me guessing till the end. My daughter has Autism and l could relate to Dillion. Loved it. Oct 02, Erth rated it really liked it.

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This was such a great, easy and creative book. The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story. Aug 04, Kendra Merritt rated it really liked it Shelves: disabilities , feature , science-fiction , thriller. I really enjoyed this book. When I read the cover copy, I thought this would be a spy novel. Lucky for Mr.

12222 in books: what you'll be reading this year

Ingermanson, I love both. Accuracy aside, I think this is a dangerous idea for an author to perpetrate.

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I felt like that could have been handled a bit better. I liked watching Dillon try to figure out social cues, fitting them to formulas he can solve. This expression plus these words usually equals this, therefore I should respond thus. His logic and thought process were also well represented in the stripped prose. There was way too much quantum mechanics for me. I did not sign up for a lecture, and I thought the writing was a bit repetitive in places. With that said, a book is the sum of its parts and this one came out way in the positive on my scale. I was impressed by the way the women treated him throughout the book.

Aug 19, J. Stoll rated it really liked it.

Great book. I really enjoyed the quantum computing part of it. I enjoyed the software startup part of it working 16 hour days to finish a big project, etc. I also learned a bit of science. I almost felt a bit Aspergersy when reading it. The s Great book.

Double Vision

The suspense in the book dragged me along. I had a tough time putting it down, because I wanted to see them freaking hack everything, already. There were some church scenes and Christian undertones.

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  4. They were done well. Not preachy. No cardboard cutouts, and there were as many Christian bad guys as good guys. Just some honest questioning about the existence of God. But… yeah… get back to the quantum computers. The way Dillon thinks is so different from most people that it really got me thinking about my own mental process and about how differently people see the world.

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    Sometimes, I have trouble in group social situations. My mind just works how it works. First off, this was a good book by all means. This wasn't my first book by Randy Ingermanson. I read Oxygen that he co-authored with John B. Olson a couple months ago, and that was pretty great. I knew this was about quantum mechanics and physics going in. I had expected a little more than just that, though. I was pages in, and--finally! Everything came together.

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    The characters and story I hadn't been able to get into were now riveting. Even so, when all the storyline threads were tied together at the end, I found it a little dissatisfying. Plot issues aside, I noticed that just about everybody bills this book as "romantic comedy. I didn't see enough of the two together to agree that it was one of the book's main selling points. I also found it interesting to discover a cuss word in a Christian book by a Christian author; things like that don't usually happen. All in all, part of it was deserving of five stars, but the rest definitely wasn't.

    I'll be a little more wary to read another of Ingermanson's novels.


    I don't want to be bored. It makes it look like a low-quality romance read, in my opinion. Ingermanson has crafted a solid book. The story rests it on its strong characters. Dillon is a fascinating point of view character as he has aspergers and is the most handsome guy in the room and doesn't know it. His eccentricities both draw Karyn and Rachel in and also frustrate them. While the particular traits ar Ingermanson has crafted a solid book. While the particular traits are a little different, he's reminiscent of what Adrian Monk would be like if he were a computer programmer.

    The storyt itself shows a great talent and it takes a talented writer to make the quest for better RSA encryption sound interesting. Ingermanson knows his stuff but knows how to make it simple for those who aren't scientists. The story itself has a good pace with a lot of different interactions, plenty of humor, and a romance plot that was entertaining for men and women alike. Also, we see Big Brother involved in playing matchmaker.

    Overall, this was a very fun read. Jul 28, Pauline Youd rated it liked it. This is what Randy himself calls a Geek Mystery.