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  1. Is God a God of ‘love’ or ‘wrath’?
  2. God of Wrath or God of Love?
  3. Wrath Is Love's Response to Sin - Tim Challies
  4. 1. The Wrath of God Means Justice Will Be Done

Is God a God of ‘love’ or ‘wrath’?

So her love was frustrated. But God is able to do all things. He is able to recover the people He loves from the sin that destroys, and His love will never be frustrated. What Makes God Angry? What hope would we have of peace in a world stalked by terror if God merely looked on with a weak smile, or a disapproving frown? Hope for a world whose history is strewn with evil and violence lies in a God who is relentlessly opposed to all evil and has the will and the power to destroy it.

God is love. That is His nature and His love is not provoked. God does not love us because He sees goodness, wisdom, or beauty in us. The reason God loves us lies in His nature, not in ours.

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He loves you because He loves you, and you can never get beyond that Deuteronomy Anger is not in His nature. If there were no sin in the world, there would be no wrath in God. So the Bible never says that God is wrath. It tells us that He is slow to anger Psalm , and the Bible story demonstrates His great patience toward an evil world. But God can be provoked to anger, and His anger is provoked by godlessness and unrighteousness.

Imagine pressing down on a powerful spring. You have to put your whole weight on the spring to keep it compressed, and it takes energy to do that. If you let up for a moment, the spring will recoil. In the same way, it takes energy to keep resisting God. Those who want nothing to do with God have to work hard at avoiding Him because His revelation is all around us.

God of Wrath or God of Love?

He has made His divine power and His glory known in the splendors of creation Imagine a woman holding a crystal vase high above her head. It will fall like a stone, and it will shatter. When God gives people up, the godless and the unrighteous find themselves at the mercy of powers that are greater than themselves—sinful lusts, dishonorable passions, and a debased mind , 26, When God gives people up, society goes into a kind of moral free-fall to its own destruction.

Wrath - The Gospel Project

History is riddled with evils that have never been brought to justice and lies that were never brought to light. But it will not always be so. God shows great patience toward us, and the purpose of His patience and kindness is that we should come to Him in repentance.

There are many things that we may want to store up, but wrath is not one of them. God will destroy all that destroys us, and the only hope is that there should be a separation between us and the sin that would otherwise destroy us. Among these are sacrificing to a god other than Yahweh Exodus , persistent rebelliousness on the part of a child Deuteronomy —21 , a child who hits or curses his or her parents Exodus and 17 , working on the Sabbath Exodus , premarital sexual intercourse Deuteronomy —21 , and the requirement for a priest to burn his daughter alive if she became a prostitute Leviticus At times, the punishment he dispenses seems particularly harsh, unjust, and disproportionate.

In 2 Samuel 24, we find that King David decided to take a census of the men of fighting age. David makes a decision that does not please God, and God kills 70, Israelites for it? How could this action ever be reconciled with a God of mercy, compassion, justice, and love?

Wrath Is Love's Response to Sin - Tim Challies

Genocide in the name of God. At the time the Israelites entered the land to conquer it, Canaan was populated with small city-states or kingdoms made up of various ethnic groups speaking similar languages. God promised Israel that he would give them this land, but to do so these people had to be displaced. Are we in the last days? What DID Jesus do? Did the resurrection really happen? Is the Bible reliable?

1. The Wrath of God Means Justice Will Be Done

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