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  1. Deciding what you want to do
  3. Ten steps to prepare for an exponential future – TechCrunch
  4. STEPS’ Educational Pathways – Skilling the Future

But what if security measures keep slowing down TSA lines at airports hypothetical trend one , and autonomous cars could drive faster, safer, and legally down interstates hypothetical trend two?

Suddenly that cheap, fast airline might not be as cheap or as fast as the competition. Once the research is done, the fun begins. Frog actually spins these trends into archetypal future worlds.

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They would each have their own distinct fields based on the worlds that they live in. I think we would look to create those worlds as distinctly as possible in order to stimulate the thinking, or get someone in a very different mind state.

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Basically, the world is a set piece to the place your business will be in the future. Frog keeps these archetypes tightly focused. The worlds are an anchor.

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What would happen then? You think about the penetration of that.

Deciding what you want to do

That was really helpful for the client, who were working at, thinking about how their business could change. With these headlines in place, Frog invites companies into its studio to lead brainstorming sessions focused specifically on how their business could or would address these hypothetical events. It could make the plane ride a trip worth taking again. How about it partners with a Disney, and design the plane ride to Disney World as part of the magic?



Or maybe, instead of a business class that prioritizes putting you to sleep, you could work out on a bike, or collaborate with a colleague through new seating? While all this might sound like a game of sci-fi, the truth about futurecasting is that it gets to a fundamental issue about design. Design is ultimately about building a specific solution to an identifiable problem.

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  4. And futurecasting at its core essentially lists the problems of the future. By Mark Wilson 9 minute Read. No biggie.

    Ten steps to prepare for an exponential future – TechCrunch

    Megan Thee Stallion has declared Hot Girl Fall for all Creativity 17, data points from 50 top brands prove that diversity in ads is good for their bottom lines. STEPS believe that by addressing the needs of their customers they can positively contribute to the social and economic future of a community as a whole. The geographic diversity of the areas STEPS service across Australia has shaped STEPS as innovators in the field of customised training responsive to the often difficult environments in which they work and the broad range of industries they support.

    The Sunshine Coast College features a training course designed to provide young adults with a disability with the opportunity to further develop the skills needed to experience a life of independence. The Australian-first college offers an innovative, holistic learning model featuring nine core areas that combine practical learning with hands-on experience in a supportive environment through their boarding and day program offerings. Students gain independent living skills, engage in recreational activities, and have the opportunity to build life-long friendships.

    STEPS’ Educational Pathways – Skilling the Future

    National Skills Week highlights the importance of vocational learning and training, and its role in contributing to a successful, modern economy. We'd love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you asap.