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Today, we both earn 6 figure salaries and so do many of our friends. That was me 8 years ago. Still stand by it.

Coding Bootcamps, Data Science, UX, Business | General Assembly

Physicians also have to consider overhead costs, and malpractice insurance, which can run between K per year, depending upon specialty and state of practice. To attend a top MBA school you need more than a couple of years of experience these days. Most students are older. Is there a high turnover rate for these managers?

Only litigators work 80 hour weeks and while there is good money in litigation, there are less stressful more profitable jobs being a transactional attorney. No appearances in court, no getting yelled at by a judge, just clients and contracts. I also wonder if female is having a more difficult time to reach that mark. Since I am not in one of the k professions, I know I have to work harder, so I will. I decided to take some exams to further my knowledge in my profession, and if that is not making my managers to re-think how much values I add to the company and reward me accordingly, I can easily go and find someone who will.

Get an engineering degree B. Pros — Money, most expenses would be included. Cons — Not going to have much free time while you are there. Education: PhD in science years. Good news is that you get a stipend going to grad school in science, so there are no additional loans after undergrad. Bad news is that you work like crazy and have very little life in grad school.

Quality of life depends on the environment of the company. Made a major career change about 7yrs ago, went from a hourly paid civil servant to a commission only paid financial advisor. The failure rate in this field is huge, but if you will do anything to succeed, less losing your ethics or selling your soul, work non-stop and never give up; after 5yrs of working 12hours a day six days a week, I now work about 6hrs a day 5 days a week and take off about 1. First of all, thanks to everyone who commented! The property ladder starts small there. Regarding hours and lawyers, maybe some people are exaggerating their hours to me.

Potential salary is part of it, but love for the work is also there. Give your pediatrician a hug!

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My wife has a BA and is working on her masters, however she hopes to always stay home and be a mom. I left school and started working freelance in advertising at age Since I have worked under my own S-corp and rely on a dozen major clients for income. Present debt, combined student loans 80k plus a k mortgage. The current strategy is allocate all funds to mortgage paydown and maximum retirement savings, we have approx 4 months of cash on hand to cover current cost of living. At present I average about work hours a month, some weeks at 80 hours, others are only My biggest spending weakness is meals, we eat out meals a day, approx 1, a month.

Regarding tax rate of salary vs bonus. In my situation, as my own S-Corp, I can be paid pay myself a dividend which is subject to the same tax rate as income, however social security is not withheld on dividends. This scenario translates to a savings of , which could be directed to a retirement vehicle with a better return than SS.

However, this only applies if you are self employed. Several friends and I will go into ibanking next year after graduation. Found a local contract manufacturing company, asked them what products they were interested in buying. Found a supplier oversees. I never touch the product, and essentially just make the spread on the letters of credit. I was looking into getting started in this as I have brokered small deals here and there on the side. Would you mind giving me some tips on how to start this?


I would greatly appreciate it. I enjoyed especially those commenters that are pulling in side income through creative efforts and sweat. Very cool idea Jonathan! Self employed project manager specializing in Information systems. My goal is to attempt to live on half of my salary for the future times where employment may be difficult to find or at least at a lower salary. My advice to anyone who wants to make a lot of money in consulting; its to meet as many people like yourself in the same business.

Help them find jobs, and the same will be returned to you. I spent last year working hours a week, and barely ever saw my wife and son. Not worth it. More family time wins over more money, every time. Also an independent IT consultant. Working anything more than 40 hours is not worth it to me…at least in the corporate world. If I were a doctor, that would probably change my perspective. There are tremendous opportunities right now for motivated computer geeks.

Karl Ove Knausgaard: the latest literary sensation

How is the job security for consulting work? Do most burn out around 5 yrs and find something else to do? I am a small-business owner as well, I have a construction company. I started it 3 years ago, currently have around 42 employees.

I work about 60 hours a week so as not to run myself or my marriage into the ground. I think people often overlook being a small business owner as a tool for creating wealth. I know that I have been extremely blessed with the early success of my business and that not everyone is as lucky, but I still encourage anyone to consider starting a business. Still, thinking about living in a lower cost area sometimes sounds so appealing. Even making a little less, the lifestyle could be so much nicer …. Live in a very low cost-of-living area in the south in a state with no income tax.

The low living costs here means that I have the funds to travel often to NY. Have no debt — not even student loans as I went to a cheap state school which did not hinder my earning potential. Have been able to save well for retirement as well as give generously to charity. Andrew, out of curiosity, how did you start up your company?

A proud heritage, since 1853

How did you come up with the capital? Did you do small projects on your own and then build it up? Or did you have connections or inherit the business from family? I am a wedding planner in California and am 27, and own my company. My husband is a jeweler with his own store and is We work our tails off and have not had a day off in two years. We live off my income, and have been home owners for the past 2 years. We have zero debt—no student loans, car loans, etc…just our mortgage.

California has a lot of smoke and mirrors. Most of my colleagues and friends drive sports cars and live it up, but are in massive debt.

How to become a SIX FIGURE Hairstylist in 1 Year!!!!! 5 DETAILED HAIR STYLIST MARKETING TIPS!

To each his own, I suppose…. I have paid back approximately half of that at this point.

Small Business Ideas

I was able to purchase many of its assets at a discount and hire many of its well-trained employees. However, the branding and culture of my company has been built from the ground up over the past three years, and we have a very specific and profitable niche. I frequently turn down new business because I like to have time for other interests and I want to keep my girlfriend happy.

Sri: That is a pretty simplistic calculation.

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As you noted, as long as you are incorporated, additional taxes are defrayed and the added write-offs available with self-employment make a huge difference. The next step up the ladder is either bschool first tier only; as people have pointed out the salaries only jump post MBA if you stay within Harvard, Stanford, Tuck, Wharton or a handful of others.

And if you get really lucky, you can get it paid for by the firm. With an Oracle Certification as a DBA, and about years of experience, you can easily clear six figures or more in hot tech job markets. DC, CA, etc. It really killed me the last time I did it, but the extra pay was really nice. People who say they work 80 hours must be bluffing. Even if it does happen, maybe 1 week of a month.