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I like the fact that it's only a 5-level prestige class, no bigger than it needs to be, really. The four new spells are well thought out and have a definite "goblin feel" to them, although I was surprised they weren't alphabetized not a big deal, though, since they're all on one page , and "Vision of the Wolf" should probably have been called "Vision of the Worg," seeing as how it's based on seeking out and finding the nearest worg, not wolf.

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The adventure at the back ties everything nicely together: narrow little goblin passageways in their warrens, traps, one of the new spells, filth, etc. It gives plenty of attention to goblin tactics, so DMs should have no trouble giving their goblin-hunting PCs a run for their money. There is short snippets of fiction interspersed throughout the book, something fairly common in a "Slayer's Guide.

I won't give anything away, but he managed to make the story much more interesting by rearranging the sequence of events somewhat. This might be an unusual thing to point out in a review at least, I haven't seen many reviews doing so , but kudos to Lucya Szachnowski, credited on the Table of Contents page as the Proof-Reader. While still not perfect I caught a missing question mark, a missing space, and a couple of capitalization errors in one of the spell listings , the typos were few and far between.

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Typos are by no means solely a Mongoose problem; they seem to be prevalent among most d20 company's products, so a good proofreader's worth her weight in gold. I also noticed some new formatting changes with this product. First of all, the inside back cover has been given up for ad space. I don't know if I like that or not. It's kind of jarring, since I've come to expect a lair map or rules table summary to be there, but if it's needed to keep the price of the "Slayer's Guide" line from increasing then I'm all for it.

Also, I noticed that Mongoose is playing around with putting a "shadow" underneath the chapter headings or most of them, anyway - they forgot to do it to "Goblin Reference List". I think it makes the headings too cluttered and hardr to read; maybe they should consider lightening the shadows considerably if they want to keep up with this approach.

I don't know if this was done because the inside back cover ad ate up some room I'm thinking that normally the lair map would have gone there , but it's not a bad idea regardless. Since they bolded the stat categories it's just as easy to find anything as it would have been using the standard "Monster Manual" format, only it takes up far less space this way.

It might be a good idea to carry on with this format in the future. All in all, this is an excellent addition to the "Slayer's Guide" line - I think "The Slayer's Guide to Goblins" is among my favorite five of the 20 published so far. I rate it a strong four stars and recommend it for anyone wishing to bring the creepiness back to the well-worn goblin.

Simon Collins Explorer. This is not a playtest review. The Slayer's Guide To Goblins is another in the score or so of short explorations of various monsters and other less pleasant groups from Mongoose Publishing.

The inside covers are used and are in colour. Though there are no blocks of white space, the font, margins and space between paragraphs give the product a somewhat airy feel. The front cover by Anne Stokes shows goblins setting up an ambush along the walls of a gulley - it evokes a great feeling of depth and the animosity of goblins. The interior art is variable in quality and depicts the race in very different ways depending on the artist and are often not reflective of the surrounding text.

The writing style is fairly standard. Spread throughout the book are various sidebars with flavour text, mainly showing the sly tactics that goblins can use against PCs. Editing seems good. Chapter 1: Goblin Physiology This chapter expands upon the basic goblin traits and discusses such aspects as skin colour, ritual scarification, breeding and child development, their cannibalistic tendencies, and the goblin mindset, which is enhanced in its basic hatred of life and beauty by the tenets of their religion. Chapter 2: Goblin Habitat A very short section discussing underground lairs, and moving the tribe from one lair to another.

Chapter 3: Goblin Society Discusses leadership and goblins' brutal justice system, raiding and slavery both their own and enslaving of others , and religion - these goblins worship The Mighty One, though no stat block or rules information is given on this deity. A new 5-level prestige class for goblins is introduced - the Skulk. The Skulk is a specialist in ambushing and gains abilities such as poison use, tracking, and various bonuses to hiding, spotting victims, and ambushing them.

Oddly, has three ability score prerequisites and base 3 skill points per level. Four new spells are also presented: blood glyph bursts blood vessels of targets in a warded area , extinguish light non-magical only, Lvl 2 Clr spell , vision of the wolf locates worg , and child of the mighty one creates 'rage' with sigil marked on body. Chapter 4: Methods Of Warfare Discusses goblin military units such as goblin cavalry riding worgs plus a sidebar on the relationship between goblins and worgs , a brief section on goblin equipment where we learn that the battleaxe is the favoured weapon of The Mighty One , fighting tactics such as ambushes and raids, and mass warfare.

Chapter 5: Roleplaying With Goblins A brief section discussing goblin behaviour particularly in relationship to battle and lone encounters with goblins, goblins and worgs, or perhaps a warren of goblins. Chapter 6: Scenario Hooks And Ideas Six short adventure ideas playing on the concept of surprising PCs who are used to viewing goblins as cannon fodder.

The final adventure idea is, however, a basic discussion of a straight dungeon crawl through a goblin warren, and provides an introduction of sorts to the next chapter.

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Chapter 7: The Torn Heads Warren Provides a brief history of this example goblin warren, some features e. Accompanying this section is a useful map showing the layout of the warren, though the map gives no scale and no compass direction. Chapter 8: Goblin Reference List Provides stat blocks for various classed goblins from 1st to 7th level, along with stats for goblin females and young.

High Points: In my opinion, the most useful part of this product was the example warren, which would be very helpful if you wanted to run a session with the PCs waging all-out war on a goblin warren. Indeed, much of the rest of the information in previous chapters could be used to flesh out this example in terms of warfare tactics, the state of the goblin caverns, and possible linked scenarios. Low Points: For me, the Slayer's Guide To Goblins concentrated too much on warfare - even the roleplaying section seemed to contain little information on helping GMs to portray goblins from a roleplaying perspective.

At the other extreme, there were not enough crunchy bits - more space could and should have been dedicated to goblin equipment, traps, poisons, disease, stats for the The Mighty One, perhaps another prestige class or a couple of ambush-related feats. Instead, I felt there was a lot of repetition of the idea that goblins are sneaky and evil, which I could have gained from the description in the Monster Manual, though there were some interesting and new pieces of information on aspects such as cannibalism and slavery, which balanced this out. Conclusion: If you want to challenge your PCs with goblins in combat, there are a number of tactical and atmospheric hints and tips to round out the useful example goblin warren.

For me, it required more crunchy stuff and more help for the GM on roleplaying, rather than tactics, to reach beyond the average. GameWyrd Explorer. Full of a hatred for all life, driven by their dark god to unspeakable depravity and far more cunning than Game Masters and players have given them credit for, goblins are truly worthy of our respect. They breed faster than most races and given time can outlast and overwhelm most enemies.

They are masters of stealth, traps and ambushes and goblins are rarely spotted until it is too late. This book will introduce you to the customs, legends and culture of one of the smallest but most formidable races in the land. The Slayer's Guide to Goblins. Be the first to review this product.

In stock. It features extensive information on the military race of Hobgoblins, from their complex tribal structure to their very efficient methods of waging war. Games Masters will find a huge amount of new material they can incorporate into their existing campaigns, allowing them to portray hobgoblins with incredible depth. These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the PDF containing your name and the order number of your purchase. Warning : If any files bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you.

Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1 (manga) -

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